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Summer Scholars

Inspiring Summertime Curricula

Summer Programs

Each summer BNS offers several week-long programs. Each week is theme-based, providing students an in-depth look at a particular area such as geology, theater, space. The Summer Scholars Program is open to the general K-5 community (in addition to, but not limited to, our year-round students).

These programs are typically for elementary students, but we occasionally offer special programs for middle school students. Summer Scholars instruction runs from 9:00 until 3:00, Monday through Friday, with after-program care is available until 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. Participants need to bring a bag lunch and snack. No candy or soda please.

2020 Summer Scholars Programs

The schedule for the 2020 Summer Scholars program will be available in February.

Previous Years

The topics for Summer Programs change every year. In past years, some topics have been Moving West, Art in Action, Acting Out, Occupy Oceans, Amazing Artists, Passport to the Pyramids, Chemistry Cooks, Art Explosion!, Bugs Rule, Poetry Power, Go Green!, Dollars and Sense, and How Perceptive!