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Spanish Curriculum


The Spanish as a Foreign Language Program at BNS focuses on the development of communication skills. Classes are conducted in Spanish and incorporate authentic material. For the younger students, the emphasis is on comprehension and oral skills. Starting in Green Room (3rd Grade), the students are introduced to more grammatical aspects of the language, but the emphasis continues to be on communication skills.

The Purple Room (Middle School) Spanish program at BNS starts in the Blue Room (5th grade), and aims to include the study and mastery of the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) for Spanish as a Foreign Language I and II. A student who has successfully completed four years of Middle School Spanish (starting in the Blue Room) at BNS will be ready to enter Spanish III at the high school. We make accommodations for students joining the school after the Blue Room, according to their language skills.

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Spanish Curriculum (K-4).pdf
Spanish Curriculum (5-8).pdf

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