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Purple Room

Middle School Curriculum

The Purple Room academics blend teacher-designed curriculum with state and national standards. The science curriculum reflects a three year rotation between life, physical, and earth sciences. The world studies curriculum reflects a three year rotation between U.S. History: post-Civil War reconstruction to present, ancient civilizations, and civics.

The language arts curriculum also cycles through literature topics. Depending on the year, you may find students studying 19th century American poetry, Norse mythology, or exploring conflict within society through reading Animal Farm or Red Scarf Girl. And in the spring of each year, students read a play by William Shakespeare and enact scenes from the play for the younger grades.

The math courses use Prentice Hall's math curriculum and supplemental materials to study various levels of Pre-Algebra, high school Algebra 1, and Geometry, depending on each student's current skills. The Spanish curriculum is taught at the high school level and begins in fifth grade. Each Spanish high school level course is split over two years. For Physical Education students rotate through five differently themed units each trimester that focuses on athletics, games, individual fitness, fitness for body awareness, and outdoor adventure activities.

Rounding out the program, a variety of elective courses are offered each trimester, taught by parents and teachers. Past topics have included introduction to Chinese, gardening, book club, Red Room learning buddies, photography, Roman art and architecture, literary magazine, and novel-writing.

The curriculum attachments for the Purple Room program are listed below.

Curriculum Downloads

Language Arts.pdf
Physical Science.pdf
Life Skills and Sex Ed.pdf
Purple Room Computer Lab Curriculum.pdf
Art Curriculum: 6th Grade.pdf
Art I Curriculum: 7th & 8th Grade.pdf
Sunshine Spanish.pdf
Spanish I, Part 2.pdf
Spanish II, Part 1.pdf
Spanish II, Part 2.pdf
Purple Room Daily Schedule.pdf

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