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Computer Lab Curriculum

At BNS, students use a variety of computer-based resources. The Elementary School program begins in Green Room (3rd Grade), with small computer lab classes, where the computer lab teacher can focus their attention on half a class at a time in the Rainbow Computer Lab, which features a suite of desktops.

The Middle School computer lab classes are a laptop-based program, with each student having their own assigned laptop (shared with other grades in the Purple Room). These laptops are supplemented by four desktops, and a set of chromebooks.

The computer lab curriculum detailed below focuses on the specific computer skills and programs taught in the formal computer lab classes, but computer skills are utilized throughout all subjects, whether in typing short stories in English, writing research papers in Social Studies, practicing skills online for Math class, creating power points for Science class, researching cultures for Spanish class, or working with digital media in Art class.

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