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Helping Out At BNS

Tuition Reduction Options (TROs) are a way for parents to reduce their tuition a bit each month ($60) by providing a regular service to the school. Families are guaranteed the opportunity for one TRO per each child enrolled. These arrangements are made with our Board's Vice President and details can be found in the BNS Handbook

In addition to reducing tuition, TROs give parents an opportunity to be a part of the day-to-day operations at BNS. They include duties like supervising lunch and recess, helping with the school's administrative tasks, supporting the teachers by collecting books from the library, or cleaning our rooms — all of which contribute to the daily health and success of the school.

And...it's an option. If you want or need to accept a TRO (as most families do), that's great. And if you don't wish to choose a TRO, that works out, too, as it leaves additional opportunities available for those who might need/want to request more than one. Sharing such tasks and opportunities is at the heart of our parent-teacher cooperative roots.

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