Welcome to Blacksburg New School at 8-6-2020 at 6:45 AM (EDT)


Make an Impact

Blacksburg New School conducts 3 to 4 major fundraising events each year. Raising additional funds is essential to our operating budget and parents are asked to participate in one or more of these events.

The good news is that they are actually a lot of fun! The annual events include a Holiday Shopping Day (held at our school in early November) and a Chocolate Party (held at University Mall in mid February). We also conduct an "Auction for Education" every two years, and a sale of specially designed BNS T-shirts or other items during the alternate years. Finally, there is a Giant Yard Sale each fall or spring. These events bring out the creative, hard-working, and fun-loving nature of the adults involved. :)

The school also participates in the SCRIP and Kroger card programs--which have been incredibly successful for us.

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