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Alumni Connections

Finding Our Roots

Blacksburg New School would like to have strong ties to its alumni community...and that means alumni students, alumni parents, and alumni teachers. We often hear about how folks are doing as they finish out high school in the New River Valley and head toward college, but we would love to keep in touch beyond that as well.

We all know how unique our time at a place like New School is/was. Please contact us to let us know what your time was like, what was BNS like for you in the 70s, 80s, 90s. What lessons or experiences have stayed with you? What mattered the most to you during your time at BNS? What advice do you have for younger students? What advice do you have for parents trying to decide about BNS enrollment?

Also, when you contact us, please pass along an email address for our Alumni Email List so that we can inform you of big news and events.

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